1. Beautiful rare dark aqua sea glass - hand crocheted in golden thread - adjustable silver plated ring base - available on Etsy

  2. Genuine authentic sea glass from Croatian coast, surf tumbled for many years on it’s journey through Adriatic sea - beautiful cobalt blue mermaid’s tear - available on Etsy

  3. Reused bottle caps - filled with sea treasures from Adriatic Sea, Croatia! Fantasy eco friendly necklaces available in my etsy store. :)

  4. Treasures of the sea inside a beer bottle cap - fun to wear piece for summer :) Authentic sea glass and seashells.


  5. Newest handwork from today, was very pleased at how it turned out. :)

    Will be adding this to my etsy page tomorrow.


  6. Sea glass vials that let you carry mediterraneum spirit with you! Available at my etsy store. :)

  7. Vial of Summer spirit - genuine sea glass and a seashell inside - available at my Etsy store.

  8. Sea Pottery & Sea Glass Pendant necklace. :) Handpicked by me on the beaches of Adriatic Sea and handmade with love and care.

  9. HEART OF ADRIATIC - genuine sea glass from Adriatic Sea - handmade necklace :)